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Diary of a compassionate kid: Ege

Launched in 2011 by his father, this bio website documents Ege Tekdoner's early years.

The 3 chapters above are milestones in our lives.

Since Ege, as a kid, had no say in these major decisions, he certainly was unable to create his website of his own. When he can launch his own website, this "Kid Design" micro website will have completed its mission, expectedly by his 15th birthday. Therefore, this version will no longer be updated or maintained after 2017. However, it will be archived so that web robots can keep finding it, hopefully for a long time.

Academic records

Ege's EQAO (Education Quality and Accountability Office) test results.

Display that of Grade 3, at French Immersion, in 2011 EQAO grade 3 Display that of Grade 6, at French Board, in 2014 EQAO grade 6

Download pdf: grade 3  grade 6

Please select a  to see Ege's corresponding report card.

Recent works by Ege

Short Story: Stalking through the night, Alucard found his prey.

La vie est dure quand tu as 9 ans

Published on 16 May 2016 | Art project

Website developed and designed by his father Armagan Tekdoner. A Studio Gri Fare production.  Special thanks go to these dear people we will never forget.